After six years and one hundred articles, Ottawa Rewind will now be available this Fall in a handsome page-turner book format! Through Ottawa Press and Publishing you can now take home the mysteries and adventures uncovering some the area’s hidden secrets.

Ottawa Rewind: A Book of Curios and Mysteries will arrive in Chapters/Indigo/other bookstores in early October, but you can pre-order your copy today by visiting Ottawa Press and Publishing at


Click the LINK HERE TO OTTAWA PRESS AND PUBLISHING to reserve your own copy today and join the adventure ahead of time. It will appear on store shelves sometime in October with book launch events across the region.



  1. Congratulations Andrew. I have long thought that Ottawa Rewind would do well as a book, and I hope that its publication will pave the way for many other books about Ottawa’s history. Best regards, Glenn

  2. Hi, I’m enjoying the Ottawa Rewind book. Reading the chapter on Kenny Rogers at Alta Vista and Bank, you talk about the building’s roots as being a Kenny Rogers. If my memory is correct, the building was a McDonald’s before closing and becoming a Kenny Rogers. I was always a bit amazed that a McDonald’s would close on essentially the same block as two high schools and a public school, but it did.

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