Hello, welcome to Ottawa Rewind, a blog dedicated to stories that I think are pretty cool about Ottawa and the surrounding area. Pull up a chair, grab a drink and enjoy the ride as we rewind some time…

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Andrew King

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  1. Great site which I found through an article in the Ottawa Citizen today (January 31/14). Very interesting – keep up the good work. There is much history hidden away in this city. Let’s all dig it up for all to see!

  2. This site is fantastic. I never knew it existed and the post about the White Fathers’ root cellar solved a mystery for me. Great reading. Great work. Keep it up. More Ottawans should know of it.

    1. Thanks Josh, glad you are enjoying some of the interesting stories that are in our backyards…I appreciate the feedback and hope to have you along for more local history mysteries.

  3. Great and useful site. I do have one observation though, most of the churches and mosques in occupied Palestine/Jerusalem are domed. There is no objective evidence that the so called ‘Dome of the Rock” is the actual site of the so called “Jerusalem’s Temple”. As most of the historic churches and mosques in the holy land and elsewhere in that region were built over old Roman and Pagan temples.

    1. Thanks Joseph, glad you like it. It is great to know that people like yourself are interested in local history that may not make it into the history books.

  4. Hi Andrew ,
    I have enjoyed your blog – especially the article on the Canso crash opposite Britannia. I belong to the BYC and have no doubt sailed over the site. My interest is heightened in that I write books – mainly Canadian aviation – and currently working on one about air crashes and aviation safety. Liked your Avro Arrow blog as well.
    The 007 article was excellent too. Keep up the good work !

  5. All the articles are extremely interesting. Thanks for the great research and detailed summaries of your activities.

    1. Hi Mary, great to have you along for the stories…I do my best to cover all the details although I am no historian or expert…it’s a lot of fun researching these topics.

  6. Fantastic blog my friend, I will be recommending to all my friends and family! Most interesting reads Ive had in a while.

  7. Great site, really enjoy the stories, and the mysteries solved / unsolved. 2 requests if I may (should you get time), ok 3; a. the old ottawa workshops — pics from the day? b. building currently old furniture apparently used to be WWII era engine factory sitting on someset just west of Preston and Plant Bath pool. c. and looking just below that to the left, the old railway paymasters building, currently a gallery. alright d; the sperry gyroscope factory (also wwII era) and not yet torn down — would be great to see what the area looked like and performed during WWII era (note: they just tore down the somewhat unknown but colossal army wharehouse next to Plant Bath). Would be fun to paint a picture of what was there WWII era, what’s left to see.

  8. Really enjoyed your Blog. Love the old history of my hometown and hope to see more !! She has many a story and many a mystery. Some are collected in the Bytown Museum, with the Historical Society there, and some in the Ottawa Room of the downtown Library.
    Looking forward to more of the same !!

  9. I just found your gem of a site today. It’s fantastic, just catching up on your posts. Was there a place where they are all listed (titles with link) or it’s just scrolling the blog roll? Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  10. Bet you didn’t know…when I was a kid, there was an active glass blowing forge in parliament hill basement. I visited it as a ‘Beaver Cub’. I haven’t been able to find mention of it on the web .

  11. Bonjour
    My name is Hubert Desgagnés, fr Québec City. I like your post about the “Ville de Vanier” ex “Jean Richard”. I will check if I have any additional information to share about this St. Lawrence schooner.

  12. I really enjoyed reading your ‘Ottawa Rewind’. I have known most of the contents described. However chapter 25 ‘Solstice Secrets’ made me think about the ‘Champlain Statue’ which may have replaced the ‘Elephant and Python’ fountain sometime in the 40’s. This fountain can now be found in Aylmer Qc. So where was the 1915 ‘Champlain’ monument erected before hand? It is a mystery to me.

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